Welcome to Moses Lake Medical Team

Objectives of the organization includes providing medical assistance, capacity building, personnel training, education, equipment, management, surgical intervention, medical supplies and medications to developing countries. Assistance is in the form of medical visitations and interventions working with national, state and local governments, non-governmental agencies, community and healthcare leaders.

Other goals include management, consulting, recommendation and the assessment of needs of facilities or programs that have been successfully conducted. This includes the assessment of staff, procedures, equipment and facilities that have been utilized or visited by the team or team members.

The organization explores building relationships between communities utilizing concepts like the sister and companion city program that is widely accepted by communities and localities worldwide. This assists the organization in creating non-political and sustainable relationships that is potentially beneficial to both communities.


Lateef Olaniyan R.Ph
Ken George R.Ph


Dr. James Irwin 
Mrs. Francie Irwin 
Dr. Dan Sloane 
Dr. Conrado De Leon 
Ms Titi Omisore
The City of Moses Lake
Lions Club, Moses Lake
Dr. Milton Herman 
Dr Ifepo Sofola
Dr Allen Rolfs & Mrs Kathy Rolfs
The Bridge Network, Ibadan Nigeria
Honorable Aliyu Bahago Ahman-Pategi
Edensfield Health Foundation, Lagos Nigeria.