In order to participate in our medical missions, the following rules should adhere to the Team Rules :
We are to stay as a group when out in  public and in any airports
Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t flash your jewelry, money or anything that you don’t want to loose. 
When shopping, keep your money discreetly in your pocket.
Please be respectful of local customs.  We are not here to change them.
Please do not hand out any religious information, we are not a religious affiliated group.
All team members are to stay in their assigned work area unless reassigned by one of the MLMT leaders.
If a team member needs to leave their work area they must do each of the following:
Inform one of the Team Leaders of your purpose for leaving, to where and for how long.
Do not leave without a driver and security
Please check-in with the same Team Leader up on return
 Non Licensed staff are not to move patients unless directed to by a licensed team member
Post-Surgical patients must be moved by 2 team members. One must be a licensed team member.
Do Not take on a role that you are not qualified to do.
Patient Information is shared only on a need-to-know basis. IE – from provider to provider.
Patient Stats are to be given only to Dr. Olaniyan.  If asked for stats please refer the person to Dr. Olaniyan.  Patient records are to be kept confidential at all times.
If you wish to walk outside or jog in the residence area you must have a minimum of 2 team members and check in with security.
Please be careful about giving out any of your personal information, especially your social media information, home address and any phone numbers.