**Women:  Light weight skirt and blouse or dress for official dinners and meeting with government officials.  Ladies need to wear modest clothing, shoulders are to always be covered.
Please do not wear shorts in public. Pants are acceptable.
**Men:  One pair of dressy (not jeans) pants for meeting or dinner with government officials.  A collared, buttoned shirt.  Please do not wear shorts in public.
**All:  Light-weight night clothing
You can wash your own clothes or arrangements will be made to have items laundered. Bring laundry soap or detergent and a clothes-line.
Two or three pair of scrub pants.  MLMT will provide two scrub tops to each team member.  Please let Mickey know if you don’t have MLMT scrub tops.
Comfortable light weight breathable shoes or nursing shoes, socks   Theater staff please have a dedicated pair of shoes for work  Sandals for leisure time.
MLMT nametags will be provided by the team.
**Your usual toiletries, feminine supplies as needed, shampoo, hair products.
**Towel and washcloth, microfiber works well as they dry quickly.
**Sun hat, sun/bug resistant clothing, light sweater or sweatshirt for evenings and on the planes
   Sun block and insect repellent.
**Electrical adapter, electronics chargers, spare batteries and sim cards.
**Stethoscope, penlight, ink pens.
**Your personal medications in the original bottle with the pharmacy label intact. Including your anti-malarial medication.
**Put a copy of your passport front page, visa and yellow card in your checked luggage.  Your Yellow Card MUST be on your person when entering Nigeria.  We are not always asked for it but if it is not on    your person you may be detained.
**Spending Money – Please bring new bills, you will get a better exchange rate for $50 and $100 bills over smaller bills. Money will be exchanged by a trusted money changer arranged by our host in              Abuja.
 **Please bring the credit card that you used to pay for your airline ticket, we do not suggest use of the credit card in Nigeria. 
**Compression socks – you may wish to wear during the international flights.
**Snacks – Non-perishable i.e. granola bars, dried fruit, popcorn, candies.  Chocolate may melt in transit.  There is a microwave and refrigerator in all units.  We will have an opportunity to visit a local grocery to buy snacks and beverages. All snacks are for Team Members, not patients and their families.
**Each person can check 2 pieces of luggage of not more than 50 pounds.  We usually have each person check 1 team bag.  Carry on weight limit is 22 pounds.