For the Moses Lake Medical Team members that participated in the fall 2018 medical mission to Kebbi State, Nigeria, would like to say welcome back to your various destinations. For those that were unable to travel with us on this mission, I sure do want to thank you for your continued support and your prayers. As a team, I believe that we accomplished so much during this exercise.

Even though we did not get to work with the Pro-Health International team members on this mission, the providers from the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan very much complimented our efforts during this outreach.

Twenty-one (21) members of the MLMT and seventy-two (72) - members of the UCH took part in this mission.

The following is the summary of our accomplishments:




Total # of Patients


Total # of Prescriptions Dispensed


Total # of Surgeries Consultations

(General, OBGYN, Dental, Urology, Eye, ENT)


Total # of Surgeries Performed

(General, OBGYN, Dental, Urology, Eye, ENT)


Total # of Eyeglasses Dispensed


Total # of Laboratory Patients


Total # of Laboratory Tests Performed


Ten members of the Moses Lake Medical Team (MLMT) were represented at the opening night of "Count to Zero Defeating Disease in the 21st Century" at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center in Seattle on March 1, 2018, Other invited Not-for-Profit organizations were also present. A representative of the Carter Foundation (President Jimmy Carter Foundation) was also there to describe how Guinea Worm disease reported cases came down from 30,000 to only 30 last year. The speaker credited the grant of $102 Million that was received from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for this success story. . 
A musical group lead by Tiffany Wilson entertained the audience with West Africa Music and Dance. I have a clip of the performance recorded on my cell phone. Let me know if you need a copy sent to you. The show was very entertaining.I couldn't help but to get on the dance floor and dance to the beat myself.
Several entities and institutions such as Pacific Science Center, the END Fund, and the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington were on hand to showcase their latest discoveries and their contributory efforts to eradicating diseases all over the world. There were some fun games and prizes for winning as well.
I would like to thank the members that were able to attend this event, and I hope they all had a good experience like I did. For those of you that were unable to attend due to one reason or another, your next opportunity is Thursday March 8, 2018. This segment will focus onInternational Women's Day Pressing for Progress. Emphasis would be laid on the role of healthcare in advancing the causes of women and girls issues around the world. The show starts at 4:00pm and ends at 6:00pm. Several MLMT members have indicated their willingness to attend this program. If you have any questions on the directions, parking, or any other issues concerning this event, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We would like to seize this opportunity to thank everyone that took part in the last medication mission to kebbi State, Nigeria. By this I mean not only those who were physically present at the mission site, but also those who took part in the planning, organizing, fundraising, praying, and doing everything to support the outreach. My sincere gratitude is also extended to the Fist Family of Kebbi State ( The Executive Governor of Kebbi State  Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and his able, very hardworking wife, Her Excellency Dr. Zainab Atiku Bagugu) for having the vision to continue to invite us to employ our knowledge skills in enhancing the quality of lives of the Kebbi State citizens and residents. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the entire state government officials who were very supportive of the medical outreach.The security apparatus provided during the mission was top-notch.
Working side by side with professionals colleagues from the Pro-Health International (PHI) and the University College Hospital (UCH) always ensures that the scope of our practice is widening and getting impressive. The healthcare providers from various institutions in Kebbi State were also helpful and very supportive of this outreach. We were able to treat and positively impact the lives of more patients with various disease states during this medical mission as a result of the collaboration among all the healthcare providers that took part in the outreach.
On behalf of the entire Moses Lake Medical Team, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our host, the Kebbi State Government, under the able leadership of the Executive Governor, Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu. Governor Bagudu has been known to be a very kind and compassionate individual. He is a progressive Governor who wants the very best for the citizens and the residents of his state. He demonstrated these attitude by coming to our hotel to welcome us, despite the fact that it was late at night. He also paid us several visits at Kalgo Medical Center while we were working. Even though he has a busy schedule, His Excellency still found the time to be with us in the evening when we had a Barbe-Que get-together. To top it all off, the Governor was also at the airport in Abuja to see us off during our departure to the United States. We are very thankful for the generosity of His Excellency.   

I would also like to thank the Governor's wife Dr. Zinab Bagudu for inviting us to participate in the annual Cancer Awareness Walk that took place on Saturday the 21st of October, 2017. We also appreciate her visit to the mission site at Kalgo Medical Center during the outreach. Dr. Bagudu also presided over the send-off banquet that we were honored with at the conclusion of the medical mission, and we are so appreciative of her kind words to us. The gifts that were presented to us were also well appreciated.

I would also like to express our gratitude to the Kebbi State Ministry of Health, under the leadership of Honorable Alh. Umar Usman Kambaza. The Permanent Secretary for Health Alhaja Halima Bello Dikko was very instrumental in making sure that everything went accordingly during this outreach. The Chief Medical Director (CMD) Dr. Koko did an awesome job in making sure that all our needs were met, and that the mission was a success, despite the fact that he is relatively new on the job. Dr. Aminu was his usual upbeat individual. He is very energetic, and he did a good job.He also attended to several patients. 

This was the first mission that we had the privilege and the opportunity to work with two different entities from Nigeria. It was a blessing to be able to join forces with the participants from the Pro Health International (PHI) and the University College Hospital (UCH) to expand the scope of the outreach. We were able to carry out procedures that we would otherwise have not been able to perform.. Some very good examples are the orthopedic surgeries (amputations) that the UCH contingents performed during the medical mission. The Moses Lake Medical Team appreciates the participation of both PHI and UCH in the outreach, and we look forward to working together again in the nearest future.
We attended to over 23,000 patients during this outreach. We also performed over 400 total surgeries, and dispensed over 70,000 prescriptions. The laboratory technicians also carried out over 8,000 lab exams. 

In 2016, the Moses Lake Medical Team (MLMT) performed its medical mission in Kebbi State, a North Western State in Nigeria. The mission took place from October 20, 2016 through November 5, 2016.

KJ Wright and Moses Lake Medical TeamThey’re loud. They’re proud and they support a franchise that has transformed itself into one of the top organizations in the NFL. One thing is certain, the 12th Man isn’t just a west side thing, it’s universal and the Seahawks organization proved they have all the right stuff or in this case all the K.J. Wright stuff. The 6-foot-4, 250 pound Seattle linebacker was met with all the love and excitement Moses Lake could muster Saturday morning when he arrived to sign autographs to help raise money for the Moses Lake Medical Team.

The line started forming at the door to the former DollarUP on Balsam Street at midnight when Raymond Martinez, Anthony Brown and David Avalos settled in for the night, ensuring they would be the first to meet the Seahawk linebacker, who was the 99th overall pick of the 2011 draft.

“We didn’t sleep at all,” said Brown, wearing a No. 24 Marshawn Lynch jersey and florescent green Seahawks knit cap. “We just wanted to make sure we were first in line.”

By mid-morning the line stretched from Balsam all the way down the block to Chestnut Street, the 12th Man in Moses Lake out in full force.

“Having K.J. Wright come here is an inspiration to everybody, especially Seahawk fans,” said Dillen Fridell, who’s a mechanic at Lamb-Weston. “To see where the Seahawks have come from to where they are now. They turned it around, and when you can turn around something that’s been so broken for so long, it’s an inspiration to everybody that they can do the same thing. Not just with football, but with everything. The organization gives back. K.J reached out to the Moses Lake Medical Team. He does it, everybody on the team does it and it’s important to us as fans.”

As Wright rolled up with event coordinator Lateff Olaniyan, he took a moment to poke his head around the corner, only to be met by the rising excitement from the Moses Lake fan base. He shook a few hands, then pulled out his phone to catch a bit of video from the Columbia Basin.

“I enjoy this. I met Lateff at the airport and listened to what he and his team does. I wanted to be a part of it,” said Wright. “I’ve been to a lot of stadiums in my NFL career and nothing compares to the energy that Seahawks fans bring. We appreciate that they’re extremely loyal fans.”

Wright signed anything from footballs to T-shirts. There were 12th man flags, photos of him making a play. He signed cellphone cases and whatever anybody shoved in front of him. One fan even wheeled in a Seahawk designed fire hydrant on a portable dolly. When the staff photographer set up the family shot with Wright, the fan said. “Hey can you get the hydrant in the shot?”

Maybe one of the most impressive displays came as Wright entered the building and began to meet members of the Moses Lake Medical team, along with police and firefighters. He immediately gravitated toward Sal Valdez sitting in a wheelchair patiently waiting in the lobby. Valdez’s Seahawk green sweatshirt and blue sweats were a clear indicator of his team pride. He might not have been able to vocalize the pleasure meeting the Seahawk linebacker, but the smile that crept to his face was as loud as any meter at CenturyLink Field.

Nine-year-old Isaiah Cedillo settled a Seahawks helmet on the table in front of Wright with a certain awe. Some of that timidness melted when Wright smiled and reached out his hand. The Garden Heights Elementary School student’s hand was engulfed in the larger man’s, sort of like shaking hands with a catcher’s mitt. The exchange would last a lifetime for a boy who stood in line since 5 a.m. that morning.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a pro football player,” Cedillo said. “He’s so big.”

The Moses Lake 12th Man was out in force and K.J. Wright proved the Seahawks have all the right stuff.

News culled from

Wright will join Moses Lake Medical Team to raise funds for upcoming trip to Africa

Who: Seahawks LB K.J. Wright and members of Moses Lake Medical Team (MLMT)

Money raised is used for supplies to those who have little or no access to healthcare.Missions provide surgical services, medicalcare, dentalcare, eyecare and physical therapy. The Moses Lake Medical Team was founded by Lateef Olaniyan,pharmacist and his fellow born Nigerian pharmacist friend, Ken George.